The base material used for the production of the SellectWalls 3d Decorative Wood panels is a mix of only wood fibers which origin is 100% Wood from wel managed forests. SellectWalls 3d Decorative Wood panels are approved and certified by the FSC, the Forrest Steward Ship Council.   

Forrests For All Forever !  FSC stands for Protecting and maintaining natural commu­nities and high conservation value forests. Respecting the rights of workers, communities and indigenous peoples. Building markets, adding best value, and creating equitable access to benefits.

The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for responsible forest management. A voluntary program, FSC uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations. Today, more than 380 million acres of forest are certified under FSC’s system, including more than 150 million acres in the US and Canada.

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