How Can Sugarcane be Cool and Modern

The sugarcane is nothing more than an overgrown grass and you’d not normally think of it as a material for a modern interior design. Apply some simple magic to it and you get recycled sugarcane wall panels – a highly fashionable interior design item in the USA. Now also available in Europe.

The sugarcane wall panels are made from reclaimed sugarcane fibres that are left over after harvesting the sugar juice. These fibres are mashed into pulp and moulded into lightweight 3-dimensional wall panels.

The end product is less than an inch thick, approximately 20×20 inches in square totalling to 32 square feet per pack (12 panels in a pack). An awerage wall would need 4 sets; each set costing around £80 give or take.

The panels can be easily pasted on a smooth surface using tile glue or an alternative eco-friendly glue. If you’re not sure about the white colour, the wall can be painted over after installation.

Why would anyone want a 3-dimensional wall panel on their wall? As you can see in the picture, the relief of the surface catches the light and plays with it. By variating the intensity, angle or tint of the lighting source, you can create an atmosphere by just converting one of the walls.

These eco-friendly wall panels are made in China, which would initially put off some people. However, you have to note that the product is made on site, where the sugarcanes are processed, making it a really green process.

If you shipped the raw material into Europe and set up the production lines here, it wouldn’t be green any more.

The greenness in this approach is that the panels are made on the spot and the sugarcanes are given a full cycle. Otherwise the byproduct would have been burned or left to rot (in both cases it would contribute greenhouse gases). 3 tons of sugarcane provides 1 ton of fibre material that is converted into these fashionable panels, which, at the end of their life, can be composted – they are 100% biodegradable.

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