About us

SelectWalls strongly believes that sustainable development is defined as meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. At a time when the environmental impact of a product is as much a focus as design now this distinctive green product is setting a new trend in wall furnishings and it is really taking interior design to a whole new level now. 

Today, as the inventor and one and only manufacturer of these new type of wood fiber wall tiles, SelectWalls is very proud and excited to introduce our innovative Decorative 3D Wood Panels to a World that is increasingly becoming more sophisticated in its design sensibilities. Till today no other company has ever made a similar dimensional wall decor, so we can claim it is truly unique and stand out ! 


SelectWalls is a European Design Company with a sales offices in Hong Kong & Europe and a professional production facility in China. We supply the highest quality products at low prices with an excellent services. At this moment SelectWalls is vastly expanding their business and its sales network and therefor we are currently looking for new partners, exclusive distributors, trading companies, wholesale and retail companies.